How to Predict Correct Scores in Soccer

How to Predict Correct Scores in Soccer

When it comes to soccer betting, the most popular market is the 1×2 market. You can decide to bet that the home side would win, lose or draw. This is quite straightforward and many bettors tend to play in this market. However, the odds here are quite low and they get even lower if there is a great margin between the ability of both teams. The odds on the team most likely to win will be quite meager and some bettors might even call it unrewarding. For this reason, some bettors prefer betting on the correct scores. The correct score market is quite risky but the larger profits still draw many bettors to it. If you want to bet on correct scores in soccer and you are not sure how to accurately make predictions, then you are at the right place. We have written this article to show you how to predict correct scores in soccer.

Relevance of Instant Betting

Few people would argue that live betting is the popular sportsbook battleground at present. As things stand, it seems that would be the case for some time. After all, instant bet is where most of the betting actions are taking place. As a result, customers can be easily won or lost. The various platforms that offer this feature can provide their players with a thrilling, engaging instant bet experience.

With instant bet, players can place bets on events to take place within a very short period. This has evolved from the ability to place bets on match odds during play to being able to bet on the next player or team to score, as well as cashing out open bets. This has ensured that instant bet can enjoy a growing appeal in the gambling world, especially to those who are drawn to new gambling products.

With the advancement of technology, as well as the growing popularity of smartphones, players can wager on the go, anywhere and anytime as long as there is access to internet connection. You can even bet when you are traveling or when you are about to sleep at night.

While instant bet has gathered recognition in recent times, not all casinos can offer the service to their customers. That is largely as a result of the difficulty that is involved in delivering the service. Being a complex product, instant bet is associated with risk and latency concerns. Instant bet can only work if the market is available to bet regardless of the difficulty of certain match situations.


Factors to consider when predicting correct scores

There are some statistics you need to look at if you want to increase your chances of winning a correct score bet. Some of them are;
Head-to-head stats

The head-to-head stats shows you the past results of opposing teams in previous matches. For example, if Manchester United FC and Chelsea FC have faced three times in the last season, their head-to-head stats will be the results of those three matches. If you see a trend in those results, you can use your intuition to predict the correct score of their next encounter. When using H2H to predict correct scores, make sure you only consider their most recent matches. Teams evolve and analyzing a result from two years ago might be futile.

Season results

After you have carefully analyzed their H2H, you should analyze the season results of both teams. Look at how many goals they are scoring and how many goals they are conceding. If a team regularly wins less capable opponents with a one-goal margin and concedes in this process, you can bet on them to win their next opponent with a 2-1 correct score. These are some of the little tricks that professional bettors use to get ahead.

Player stats

When you want to place a correct score, you should take a tactical look at the major players of both teams. If a particular player has a consistent scoring record, you can easily predict that they will score at least one goal in their next encounter. If the team has a strong impenetrable defense and a goalkeeper that regularly keeps clean sheets, you can assume that they are not conceding any goals.


Most bettors assume that correct scores are the easiest ways to lose your money. This is because you need to be completely accurate to win your bet. If you are betting on correct scores and you consider the strategies we have outlined in this article, you will greatly increase your chances of predicting accurately and making a profit in the process.

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